Combination Shipping Label and Packing Slip Form

An efficient packing and shipping process is essential for success in today’s retail environment. The faster you can print packing slips and labels, the greater the number of orders you can fulfill. Speed up your shipping process by using integrated peel-out shipping labels. Mail Order Managers (MOMs) rely on PrintCBF’s preprinted combination shipping label and packing slip form.

Eliminate wasted paper, labels and ink. Quickly and efficiently print a professional looking packing slip, invoice and shipping label all at once. You can also include a return address label if you want.

Packing slip with peel off label.

packing slip with peel off label

Packing slip with peel-off label and invoice is essential for any e-commerce business; you can also include an additional peel off-label for returns. Since all the labels and the packing slip are on the same document, it improves the efficiency of your packing process and saves you time. PrintCBF’s integrated label sheets reduce the chance of the wrong goods being sent to your customer.

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