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Are you in the business of taking consumer packaged goods to market? If so, you can count on Printcbf product packaging services to get you there. We’ve already created hundreds of different retail boxes for our clients. With more new boxes in design and production all the time

Our Designs, Dielines and Prototypes

We all know that great packaging sells product—and nobody ever picks the boring box. Eye-catching graphics and solid structural design capture buyer attention and can increase your shelf space, and/or online presence. They also protect your product in shipment, and in store, and give your brand a competitive edge.

Product Packaging That Works

Printcbf knows product packaging. From concept to die-line to prototype. Trays to collars to risers. From printing to embellishment to finishing. Warehousing to kitting to fulfillment. And we work closely with every client to deliver quality product packaging to meet every need. Which may include sachet packs, pouches, and short-run boxes. Cellophane overwrapping of individual or multiple boxes. Or custom packaging for promotional items and product launches. Even packaging for direct mail campaigns, and a variety of other uses.


Printcbf Product Packaging: The Synergy of Form and Function

Printcbf designs and produces distinctive, customized consumer goods packaging that’s as compelling as it is functional. Along with visually appealing packages for luxury items and a wide range of household goods, we create compliant packaging for cosmetics, hair and skin care products, nutritional products, and other regulated consumer goods.

Whether you prefer a simple take on packaging, a highly stylized luxury feel, or want your packaging to tell a story, we provide solutions that will help your products succeed.

Printcbf Product Packaging

Add laminates, foil stamps, embossing, magnetic or ribbon closures, and other custom touches to create the rich packages your cosmetics deserve. Or foam cushioning to transport individual jewelry pieces with care and stability. Whatever your need, we can create a solution you’ll love.

Our Designs, Dielines and Prototypes
Make All the Difference in Your Product Packaging

As a result of using the latest design software, our packaging design team can develop custom box designs for any point of sale. Maybe that’s free-standing units, or end cap headers. Or perhaps your POS strategy includes shelf talkers and impulse-buy displays. And our designers don’t just create engaging, informative packaging that integrates with your marketing strategy. In addition, they consider ease of consumer use, durability, and manufacturing costs. If you need point of sale display options, Printcbf can provide hundreds.

Don’t Forget Your Kitting and Fulfillment Services!

Downstream, many of our product packaging clients need additional support in getting to market. Our fulfillment center specializes in kitting and pack-out services, from the simple to the complex. We can warehouse, track and ship your assembled product packages on demand, to both businesses and consumers. And we can provide real-time inventory, reporting and analytics so you know exactly what you’ve got and where it is.

Do you have existing product packaging that’s ready for a refresh? How about a new product line that needs new packaging from the ground up? Or do you want to deliver your marketing and promotional materials with a special touch?  Regardless of your product packaging needs, you need look no further than Printcbf.

To learn more about how our product packaging services can help you achieve great marketing results, give us a call at 973.682.9000.